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"Daria has had a tremendously positive impact on my 10-year-old daughter. She educated her on how to best take care of her body, with a focus on health, not weight. My daughter now feels empowered with the tools for making healthy choices. We are both so happy to have someone who we trust and enjoy being with - this is a relationship that will continue on!"
Jackie -
"Daria helped me restructure my eating schedule and provided lists of snacks, meals, and other helpful tips for healthy eating and migraine management. Daria encouraged me to shift my way of thinking about eating and provided me with the tools to experiment with my eating plan. Even after one session, I found significant relief, felt more organized, and finally had a plan. Daria understands that not one plan fits all and provides thoughtful ideas to consider. After 5 months, I feel healthier, am less hungry, and have significantly fewer migraines."
Chris -
"I had never worked with an RD before so didn't know what to expect, as I needed help getting my 12-year-old son to gain healthy weight. Daria was incredible to work with. She listened to our concerns and developed an organized plan for my son and I to follow. She sent us lots of recipes and useful tools and tips to help my son along the way, and checked in on us every week to see his status. I am happy to report that because of Daria my son has gained 14 pounds in just over 4 months, and I absolutely could not have done it without her. I cannot recommend her enough!"
Marcy -
"I would give Daria my strongest recommendation both as a mother and as a physician. I brought my son to her because he was having trouble maintaining his weight while on ADHD medications. Daria was thoughtful, creative, knowledgeable and patient. She gave us tons of suggestions and worked with our food preferences and food restrictions. We had been to other nutritionists and it had been a complete failure. She is willing to go the extra mile to help your child, what more could we want?"
Rebecca -
"Rarely do I write a review, but my experience with Daria was such that I feel compelled to put pen to paper. Everyone's weight loss experience is different. The biggest challenge for me was always feeling hungry. Before making any recommendations, Daria took the time to get to know me, my challenges, and my lifestyle. She then provided realistic strategies to better help me control my hunger level throughout the day. When I started working with Daria, I wasn't eating enough vegetables and protein with my meals so she immediately recommended that I add more of both at meal times. I was also struggling with emotional eating so she and I worked together to come up with more satisfying ways to feed my feelings like taking a walk or drawing. Initally, I lost 10 pounds and then another 5 pounds. It's been over a year now and I continue to maintain a 15 pound weight loss because of my new healthy lifestyle habits. Daria is a true professional who provides ongoing support, motivation, and accountability to all of her clients. I highly recommend working with Daria!"
Sharon -
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